Spring Deep Cleaning

Spring is coming and, with it, our time to prepare the house for the new season. We have spent an Easter week in the water but it seems that in a few days we will have a more spring-like climate again.

Time is a scarce commodity in the society in which we live. For this reason, housework and house cleaning can be relegated to the background. We do basic chores, but we often think that our home needs more thorough hygiene. The seasonal changes are a good time to do it. Open the windows to ventilate put a little order in the cabinets and clean those forgotten areas that do not require as much frequency. At Eliza Professional Cleaners company in Medway, Midlands, Leicester, Loughborough, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Dudley, Nottingham, Sandwell, Stoke-on-Trent, Solihull, Telford and Wrekin, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Derbyshire, we offer deep spring cleaning, which is, without a doubt, a great way to prepare our home and enjoy spring in a clean and tidy environment.

Natural ventilation

For our company, there is a spring deep cleaning checklist which we provide. Eliza Professional Cleaners can start by renewing the air. It is true that we must ventilate every day, but now is the time to open everything well and do it for a longer time to adequately renew the indoor air. In the meantime, you can start planning your cleanup. The best option not to end up doing the same thing as usual, will be to start with the areas that are not cleaned as often and do not forget the upper parts of the cabinets. Here a large amount of dirt accumulates, when cleaning them the dust will fall and we can collect it from below.

Natural products, always better

An orderly house always seems cleaner and more welcoming than one that is not. The order is much more important than it seems. This task must be repeated over the months and it is always a good time to get rid of those things that we no longer use or those that we do not find useful for. Eliza Professional Cleaners in deep spring cleaning services cannot use chemicals which are harmful to the health of the people they clean. We believe that betting on natural and ecological compounds is the best way not to put our health in danger and to be more respectful with the environment.

Walls and ceilings

We agree that they do not accumulate as much dust and dirt as floors, but they will also have to be cleaned from time to time. The best way to do this will be with a long-handled mop and a clean cloth; we can wipe it over the entire surface of the wall and ceiling and change it when it is dirty. Some walls are covered with washable paint and, in these cases; we apply water and neutral soap.

At Eliza Professional Cleaners, we know that undertaking this cleaning can be a very hard task, which is why we usually postpone it. But, we can also hire a professional cleaning company that allows you to forget about everything and simply dedicate yourself to enjoying your home.